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How soothing does it sound? Relaxing on a beach full of white sand, blueish water, drizzling rain on your body, sounds of the seashore pleasing your ears.. kingfishers flying above you, shining shells touching your feet, sea full of starfishes, mini turtles and seahorses swimming with you…

The only place I could imagine this in India would possibly be Goa, of course, Goa is known for its exotic beaches, art, seafood, jewels, enjoyment, nightlife and a lot more of entertainment….

This place will surely be in my good books because there’s nothing you can hate about this place. Unless of course if you are visiting in Summer! ALL THE BEST.

So lets see further the best places you should possibly see if you visit Goa.. Wait.. first let me open my Goa Tour Album and take you in my world

  • Calangute Beach

This one will always be my first favorite beach because my Hotel (Hotel Popeye) was nearby the place. every beach you visit have parasailing, banana ride, jet ski and other amazing watersports activity. But I did my first ever parasailing at Calangute which is why its a memorable one. Have a look at the tiny me flying in the sky.

  • Dona Paula Beach

I have heard a heartbreaking story of this beach, it is named after a Portuguese Viceroy’s daughter Dona Paula de Menezes who fell in love with a local fish seller, their love was not accepted by others so they committed suicide by jumping in the sea. Well well! Let’s not go in depth, a little knowledge is fine, let me show you the beauty….

  • Dolphin Ride

A whole new experience of watching adorable dolphins around you with their small babies. These dolphins are too friendly, too shy as said by the boat guide. During the sunset, in between the Arabian sea we spotted numerous species like seahorses, huge fishes, starfish as well. Also, we saw various shoot spot, one of my favorites was Dil Chahta Hai Bollywood movie scene that took place at aguada fort, which we saw from the boat, also our Famous handsome Bollywood superstar Shahrukh Khan’s bungalow is situated nearby the sea. So it was completely worth the money💁

  • South Goa- Museum

The one best place where you find antiques, ancient culture, beautiful structures, wooden smell, eye-catching art is in the museums of south Goa. There are more than 10 museums but I’ll like to suggest you my favorite ones

~ GOA- Chitra

~San Thome Museum

~ Big Foot Museum


  • St Xavier’s Church Goa (The Basilica of Bom Jesus)

This is one of the most relaxing and soothing place. The interior is made of gold which makes the church look more rich. The Mortal remains of St.Francis Xavier is preserved here. You need to be in a proper attire to visit this beautifully structured church. Have a look guys.

  • Fort Aguada

This is one of the oldest fort built by the Portuguese. Leaving Goa without visiting this place can be a bad idea. Its on the hill top so you can reach this place easily by normal motor vehicle. Also nearby the fort you have exotic Sinquerim beach filled with greenary. So you get 2 in one tour spot here. which is a must- must visit place.

  • Shantadurga Temple

Thou i didn’t go inside the temple, but the ambience around was so peacefull and chill, i am telling you guys this is one of the most beautiful, huge temples i have ever seen. One thing that i really admire about this temple is its colour and structure. Also it’s located in panaji.

  • Candle Light Dinner (near sea)

This is Something that i will always cherish, i loveeverything about Goa, the places, the beauty, the food, also the people. But trust me this Candle light dinner near the seashore, where the water is touching your feet, slow music, dim lights and folk dance everythingg comes as whole new experience. Imagine a family dinner together at this beautiful location, exactly my story. The food gets tastier, mood automatically gets better and every problems and stress just fades away..

So yeah… There are many places you can visit in Goa but these are like must-visit ones.

What All You Neeed to Buy From Goa?

1) Flavored Cashew

Normal ones are great but yeah flavored ones are amazing, you will get proper flavors of cashew in goa only. So pack it before saying a Good Bye!

2) Spices

Spices that you cannot find in your area, you’re gonna find it here for sure. And Yes! You heard it right after kerala it’s Goa where you get amazing spices. So buy one for me too….

3) Goan Ornaments

Decribing it in 3 words Affordable, Attractive and Fashionable.. These amazing collections of Boho jewels are found at an amazing price only and only in Goa. For all the girls reading this, its a great deal if you plan to shop for trendy cool neck piece, earning and handloom products.

4) Wooden Products

Wooden carving is obviously a must buy product. The cool wooden furniture can be used as a tool to furnish your home, decorate your room or gift your loved ones as well. There are numerous shop of wood carvings, furniture and home decor. It’s a top priority recommendation….

So yess! These are basically my favorite things to pick when ever I’ll visit Goa the next time.❤❤❤

Well Well!😻 I hope you really enjoyed a mini trip with me? I really loved this trip, so if you want to make your trip a worth. Make sure you read my blog and visit each and every recommended place.

Thats all for now, we’ll meet in the other blog. Buhbbyeeee🙈🙈❤


Few pics are from the internet and not my clicks so don’t consider me as a good professional photographer….

My stay at Hotel Popeye’s

Also, Dont forget to collect colorful shells, it will add some memories that you hold of every beach….

Final Byeeeee🙈🙈❤❤❤❤


17 thoughts on “A Life in GOA! THE BEST 6 DAYS TRIP💋”

  1. Amazingly crafted experience📝👌Wonderful details with befitted narration. Have you been to Panaji as well..another wonderful place nearby Goa.
    Now you’re left with one thing to show here..singing😛😛
    Try & upload recitation over your poetries. Keep writing & have a great day ahead!!😇💐

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