Same Old Life

Let the smart world pause for a while, Switch off your phones and all your wifies. Look through your windows and walk outside, Dance,Sing and Fly, like the birds and butterflies. Chatting or Surfing? Snapchat and Instagram? I'd prefer swimming or cycling Over a trap SOCIAL LIFE. Those heavy loaded statuses and dramatic bios, Where …


How to Stay Happy? Live Laugh Love.

Do you want to find out the tricks and tips as how you can be happy? here are few things that can guide you really well.

Dream ?

Everyday i Reach, a wonderland in my Dreams. No one to monitor, no body to scream💔 Laughing and Crying I see different Shades of Me🙈 I commit a crime there, but no one to see.👻 Is that what I want? A life without anyones control?👋 Is that what we want? Where a body has no …